Sometimes, vital artists go unheralded in their time. As jungle and drum-n-bass ride a new wave of relevance and popularity, more and more artists and listeners are looking back into the archives to see where we’ve been, and rediscovering the greatness that came before. Such is the case with Danny Styles, a man whose output in the seminal days of this music has established him as a bonafide trailblazer, and helped to build the foundations of a musical force that’s taken the world by storm several times over. Danny Styles has been producing music for over 25 years, under many aliases, on many labels. Best known for his work on his own 24 Karat Gold Records, he’s also released tunes on Lucky Spin, Emotif, Mix & Blen’, Sub & Bleep, Ammo, Echo Drop, Wide Eyed Recordings, All Seeing Eye, the mighty Acid Jazz Records, and his own labels Fluid Vinyl, and Based on Bass. His creative monikers have included System Critical, Isolent Bwoy, Skan, Evil Ed, Fader, Halfbreed, and Rotating Heads, and he’s been a part of the production teams London Sound Collective, Shadow Unit, and Filthy Lucre. Danny has also done notable remixes, such as Kenny Ken’s “Everyman”, The House Crew’s “Superhero”, and “Sweet Vibrations” by DMS and Boneman X.

Throughout all of this, Danny has toured internationally as a DJ, bringing his musical vision to junglists and drum-n-bass heads around the globe. But drum-n-bass is not the only realm in which Danny Styles dwells. He’s done remix for house legend Armand Van Helden, reggae icon Gregory Isaacs, and jazz revolutionaries Pops Mohamed, Airto Moreira, and Moreira’s daughters band Eyedentity , He’s also produced for hip hop group The Shapeshifters, and the rock group Deep Joy. This is all on top of extensive television and film work, including 1997’s “The Jackal”. Truly, Danny has proven himself quite the renaissance man.

After stepping away from music in 2001, Danny has re-entered the arena with a bang in 2018. First on the agenda is his “Pseudoprime” EP, out now on Skankaz Delight. He will also be releasing on Pheel Good Recordings, M-Ocean Recordings, the new name for the re-branded Emotif Records, and his own newly formed Genetyc Records imprint. Danny’s remix skills are already being put to use on Loggi’s “Don't Leave Me Faithless, ft. Sian Evans”, and he’s got collaborations in the works with D. Region & Code, and Flex Records boss L. Double. After such a lengthy absence from the music he helped to define, Danny Styles is ready to make his presence felt again. Stay tuned.

Although he has used many artist names over the years... these days he just uses his name... Danny Styles


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